Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Excerpt #3 from Norma Jean's School of Witchery, Book One: Jewel

Excerpt from Norma jean's School of Witchery, Book One: Jewel
“This a friend of yours, Wyatt?” his Mom shouted, looking like she was about to lose it.
“Yes, Mom,” he said, but he didn't sound too happy about it. Nothing I could do, things were about to get worse.
I reached the house and went around the side of it, still flying, with the truck bouncing up and down and hit the edge of the woods, turning the lights off at the same time as I jerked the truck left, right, and left again, weaving between the trees I knew were there only from my gift. It was pitch-black dark in the woods. The only lights came from the dashboard. Limbs were slapping against the truck on both sides and the sound of small bushes we were running over scraped against the bottom of the truck. A loud snap and a crack appeared in the front window on the passenger side.
“Trust me, Wyatt,” I shouted above the noise and his Mom's now also sobbing, pleading demands for me to stop.
“Her eyes are closed,” screamed his Mom. “We're going to die!”


A presidential election. A witch with a target on her back and a magical arrow. A shadowy government agency made up of witches with unusual abilities. A game called Witch Pong. The Mighty Thor?

See how it all comes together in a school you will never forget.

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  1. Fantastic paranormal thriller by a highly talented author who is going to be very famous one day. This should be optioned by a major Hollywood studio right now.