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Tima Maria Lacoba: Author Interview & Spotlight

Wrapping up Vamp Month at Fantasy Fun Reads is Tima Maria Lacoba, author of BloodVault (The Dantonville Legacy Book Three).


The Saga Continues…

Hidden in caverns deep beneath Chateau D’Antonville in a misty French valley, lies a priceless treasure – the Bloodvault. Containing thousands of Ingenii blood vials, just one sip enables a vampire to daywalk. For nearly eighteen-hundred years, the family has kept the vault’s existence secret from the Brethren. But now, the Rebel leader, Count Timur, has learned of its whereabouts.

Faced with an imminent attack on her family's ancestral home - Chateau D'Antonville - Alec and Laura must flee Sydney to confront this new threat. But the Rebels are not their only enemy. Will Count Timur leak the secret of the vault, and cause even their loyal allies to turn against them?

With the very survival of the Principate at stake, Alec and Laura must try and persuade her father, Luc, to share the secret and open the Bloodvault or risk losing everything.

In the midst of this, from among their own, comes a betrayal so deep, so unexpected ...


Before we’d left Sydney, despite Luc training me to tune out the noise, it had still
been sensory overload. By contrast, this place seemed quieter – few human voices could
be heard. Perhaps that was why Luc had placed the perimeter wall at such a distance
from the chateau, not only for protection, but to create a distance between himself and
the incessant chatter of thousands of human voices. Brethren servants, too, must
welcome the break from the babble outside the walls.

My stomach growled. Through the open door, I spied the tray of delicacies
Madame Thierry had prepared. The mini baguette I had earlier had been delicious.
The bed bounced as I bounded toward the tray. That’s when I heard it – a shrill
keening, like a soul in torment. It made the hairs on my arms stand on end. It didn’t
seem to be coming from anywhere within the chateau. A night bird? I stuffed another
mini-baguette into my mouth and padded to the window. Tree branches obscured most
of my view, but there appeared to be a solitary figure, in white, standing on the boundary
wall at the far end of the estate.
Mesmerised, I watched. Was it a ghost, or some local nutter who liked to climb
walls in the dead of night to wail at the half moon? I peered closer, but the wind whipped
up the tree branches, and I lost sight of the figure. When the wind dropped, the figure
was gone. Every nerve ending tingled. If vampires existed – I’d only learnt of their
existence a couple of weeks ago – then why not ghosts? This chateau was hundreds of
years old, maybe more. Who knows how many people had died here in that time?
Vampires weren’t the only inhabitants.
I continued to stare out the window. There it was again – arms upraised, the
same high-pitched wailing. A chill shot through me, and I jumped back drawing the
curtains together, tightly bunching the folds of fabric.

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Tima Maria Lacoba is a former ancient historian and archaeologist who accidently smashed a 3,000 Egyptian vase while on her first dig! Her supervisor made her glue it back together again. It took a week. From there she went on to specialise in late Roman-British archaeology, and the military forts along Hadrian’s Wall, because buildings don’t smash as easily. Now Ms Lacoba’s combined her love of history with another passion—story-telling—to create a dark tale of Roman soldiers cursed by a British witch.

Tima Maria has always been a storyteller, but it wasn't until five years ago that she seriously ventured into writing. The result was Bloodgifted. In 2011 it was shortlisted in the Atlas Award and eventually came fourth place. In 2012 it was listed among the top ten in the Choclit Search for an Aussie Star Competition. In 2013, she was offered a publishing contract but declined in favour of going indie, preferring the idea of being in charge of her own creation.

Bloodgifted is just the start of a four-part series entitled, The Dantonville Legacy. Book 2, Bloodpledge, was released in 2014, and Book 3, Blood Vault, is due for release for Christmas 2015. She also intends to satisfy her fans requests by writing individual books on the other characters in the series. So Terens, Cal Jake and Sam will each have their own story.

Tima Maria currently lives on the Central Coast, an hour's drive north of Sydney in Australia. Her little house is surrounded by bushland, possums and seed-dropping Rosellas on one side, and waterways on the other.
Between bouts of writing, she can be found in the kitchen baking yet another chocolate recipe. This activity is responsible for forming more gothic, urban fantasy stories in her mind for future books.


1. I love vampire books and yours look great. I have found many books have different vampire abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Tell us about the Vamps in your books.
Because my vampires are the result of an ancient curse, I gave them strengths and weakness based on the parameters within that. Like traditional nightwalkers, they can’t tolerate the day except for one day in every year (sorry, no spoilers ). Yep, they’re beautiful in appearance as are all predators who need to attract their prey, but their greatest strengths lie in their sense of justice and desire to hold onto what’s left of their humanity.

2. I noticed that you recently had an amazing run of sales on your first book. How did you promote and market that book to get those awesome numbers?
Unless you wish for your book to sink to the bottom of the millions of books available online, you need a marketing plan. If people can’t see your book they can’t buy it. I tried all the Facebook book blogger sites, Google and twitter but they don’t always translate into sales. When they do, it’s great, but it’s not reliable.
So I decided to set myself a marketing plan of no more than $100/month. That’s sustainable for me and generally comes from my royalties. By doing so I’m treating my writing as a business – you need to invest to get something back.
Every week I promoted the first book in my Dantonville Legacy series to four different online book subscription sites, including boosting one of my promo tweets on twitter. I found posting on Wednesdays gave me the best results.
  • (Week 1) My Romance Reads (Once a quarter I run a promotion with one of the more expensive sites to give my book a big boost ($90)
  • (Week 2) Pixelscroll ($22.30AU)
  • (Week 3) Twitter promotion ($14AU)
  • (Week 4) Bknights on Fiverr ($31.22AU)
As you can see I went over my budget this January, but that only happens 4 times/year.
For February, I’ve booked:
  • (Week 1) Bargain eBooks
  • (Week 2) Fussy Librarian
  • (Week 3) Choosy Bookworm
  • (Week 4) Bknights
My ranking went from 200K something to 2,576 overall in Kindle eBooks and #3 in Gothic Romance. Now it’s a matter of me trying to maintain that with my weekly promos. At the moment, Bloodgifted is sitting 50K and still within the top 100 in my category. That’s a huge improvement from where it sat before. It’s also led to sales of the other books in the series, improving their ranking as well.

3. Did you always plan to self-publish or did you try to find an agent or publisher first?
I seem to recall writing to one agent, who didn’t respond until two years later. By then I’d forgotten all about them! I didn’t bother wasting my time trying to contact agents after that. When I’d completed the first draft of Bloodgifted, I sent out six query letters to publishers and the fifth one offered me a publishing contract. Unfortunately the contract did not suit me, and the more I researched self-publishing the more I liked it. For me, it seemed the best route to publishing. It’s wonderful that writers these days have the choice; you don’t have to go the traditional way. Many of my author friends are hybrid: one series is traditionally published, while their other one is self-published.
I like being indie. But mind you, if a great publishing contract came my way, I would seriously consider it.

4. What have you learned over the course of your writing and publishing that you wish you knew when you first started out?
Treating my writing as a business. I believe every author – whether indie or trad. pubbed – needs to understand how to market their work. You could have a winning story on your hands, well written and edited, with a eye-catching cover, but if it lacks visibility, it will languish in obscurity. We don’t know how many amazing stories are waiting to be discovered because they don’t appear on the best-seller lists.

5. I see you have gotten quite a few really nice reviews. How do you get reviews and how does it make you feel when you get a good one or one that is not so good?
That’s a hard one. Since Amazon’s changes to their review policy it’s impossible to bug your family and friends to provide those all-important reviews, lol. Seriously, I rarely ask unless I see someone has left a nice comment about my books on facebook or twitter then I politely ask if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review, even if it’s only one sentence. Otherwise I use Goodreads Giveaways hoping to get some reviews in return. But that’s not always the case. It’s actually taken 4 years to gain the 90 I have on Amazon, just through organic growth.
Of course, I’m always thankful for a good review, and yes, I have received the dreaded one star as well.
It’s best to focus on the majority ratings, and if they’re mostly 4-5 star then you’ve done well. You can’t please everyone, because no matter what you write someone will find fault with it somewhere. Best to ignore it.

6. What are your current writing projects?
I’ve started on Book 4, Bloodwish. At this stage, it’s the concluding book in the series, but … you never know

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My Favorite Vamp Books

What would Vamp Month be without listing a few of my favorites.  Sunshine by Robin Mckinley is the best book and Constantine is the best vampire in all the many books I have read featuring vampires.  I've probably read this one five or six times and enjoyed it every single read.  Unfortunately, it's not part of a series, although fans like me wish it was. If you are looking for a great read, get this book.  It will hit you around page fifty and you will not put it down after that.

The Anita Blake:Vampire Hunter series by Laurell Hamilton.  Anita kicks butt.  I am going to qualify my love of this series up to about halfway through the current total of twenty-one books.  Books nine and ten,
Obsidian Butterfly and Narcissus in Chains are the best of a simply fantastic first ten books.  After those the series becomes more and more about erotica and less and less about what I think made the series great.

The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.  Thirteen wonderful reads and unlike many fans of the series, I loved who she ended up with and loved the ending of the final book.  It's hard to keep a series this long going strong but Charlaine Harris manages to make each book better than the one before. Sookie Stackhouse is simply awesome.

I'm sure you have some favorites and I would love to hear from you in the comments. 

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Kelly Ilebode: Author Interview & Spotlight

Vamp month continues on Fantasy Fun Reads. This week we are featuring Kelly Ilebode, author of Dragan's Redemption.


Amira Coulter had spent her young 26-year life battling a serious but manageable blood disorder. When her doctor told her that somehow an anomaly had manifested within her cells and that she was going to die, she decided that it was time to start living. Selling everything she owned, she jumped at the opportunity to rent the storybook cottage on Echo Lake in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Instantly attracted to the handsome doctor that owned the property she worked hard to break down his barriers in hopes to to experience love before it was too late.

Dragan Reynolds, a well-respected doctor at Brigham & Woman’s Hospital in Boston had desperately spent more than half of those years trying to save his soul from the fires of hell. Discovering his twin brother Aaron had rented out the cottage on his property without his permission, he wanted nothing more than for the tenant to be gone – until he met her. From the moment of their first meeting, Dragan was mesmerized by her carefree spirit and lust for life. Eventually learning of her illness, Dragan realized that he was the only person on earth that could save her from death but would he have the faith and courage to sacrifice everything, including his own life, for the one he loved the most.

Get It On Amazon:

Go to Kelly's Amazon Author Page and check out all the books in this series.


Kelly Ilebode, a self-published author, lives in Malden Massachusetts. She was born in Skowhegan, Maine the seventh child out of ten and at the age of five, she was placed in the first of four foster homes. The very morning after she graduated from Carrabec High School in North Anson, Maine, Kelly hopped on a Grey Hound bus and headed to Boston, Massachusetts. She was seventeen. Despite her turbulent childhood Kelly was able to use her writing as an escape from the real world.

Her first self-published book was a leap of faith on her own abilities as a writer. Staying true to who she was she writes from the heart and has a devoted following to her books.

In Search of Grace (August 2012), her first published work, tells the story of how one woman was faced with not only confronting her past, but accepting it. With the help of friends, she learned that she did not have to face the world alone. In Search of Grace hit number 5 on the free downloads one month after publication and gave her the much needed confidence to keep writing.

April 2015, The Corner Booth, Kelly's first Mafia Romance was published, quickly rising to reach #23 on Amazon's Bestselling list for that genre.

Kelly is the mother of four human children, two feline children, and one very manic Chihuahua.


1. This book looks different from the norm and touches on many genres and categories. What inspired you to write this book and how has the series developed over time?

I have always been fascinated with religion and the many theories that are projected from all of them. My family has a blood disorder (Protein C deficiency) and the book started with the main character having this condition. Then, I took that and asked myself, are "we" truly stuck with who we are or can we change and have redemption. This was my take on the thought. This book was written in four weeks. The quickest I have ever completed any novel, and it literally flowed out of me. The whole process was surreal. I completely connected to the characters and what they were feeling from a spiritual and a literal sense.

Each book in the series, stayed true to the internal war that we all face in our lives with each character having to look deeply and honestly at who they are and what they would do (if anything) to be happy and protect the ones they love.

2. Did you try and find an agent or a publisher with any of your books or did you always intend to self publish?

For my first book IN SEARCH OF GRACE I sent over 100 query letters. The first reject was the hardest and through the query process I had never even considered self-publishing. In fact, I knew very little about the publishing world. After my last rejection letter, it was a Facebook friend that told me to try and self publish (he was a published author WITH an agent) and he thought my work was great. I felt I had nothing to lose, so I spent several weeks compiling information and decided to go with Createspace for the paperback and Amazon for the ebook. I was one of the lucky ones and have had sales from the beginning. Now, I cannot even imaging working with a publisher!

3. What have you learned after writing and publishing several books that you wish you knew when you just started out?

I am currently working on my tenth novel, so I guess I am considered a veteran, and the one thing I wish I knew back then, was that other peoples opinion really doesn't mean anything if YOU are not happy with your work. I tried to conform to what people wanted at first and it was hard writing because I tried to please everyone. I writer should never do that. I write now to feed an inner need, which is to write. If people like my work, awesome; if not, maybe they will like the next book.

4. What do you do to market and promote your books and what has worked best for you in the past?

I am constantly marketing. Sometimes it might be through Amazon marketing, or Facebook, or my own website. The real change for me, came when I published my third book. I think it showed the readers that I wasn't just a one book person? Not sure, but something changed and the sales really kicked in at that time.

5. Tell me three great things about this book that might convince those reading this to give it a try.

The Characters for sure. This book, out of the nine published, is still one of my favorites.
It is not what you might expect from a Vampire story. I tried to make them more "human" than vampire, because that is what they were before they changed.
The wolf. I want readers to fall in love with Shadow, as much as I did. He is just as important to the book as any of the other characters.

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Lisa Emme: Author Interview & Spotlight

Vamp month continues with Lisa Emme, author of Dead and Kicking!


What’s a girl to do when her date is D.O.A?

Angharad ‘Harry’ Russo is just your ordinary twenty-something, with one exception - she’s a witch with an out of the ordinary gift. When her blind date goes sideways and she ends up face to face with a dead body, her life starts to go sideways too.

Harry soon finds herself right in the middle of the mayhem, dealing with Cian Nash, a homicide detective that is as aggravating as he is sexy; the biggest, baddest vampire in town; and a parcel of pesky zombies that keep popping up everywhere. It’s all connected to her date’s unfortunate demise, or is there more to it than meets the eye?


…I crept as quietly as I could, but it was pretty much a given that I couldn’t hide from a vampire’s amped up hearing or sense of smell. When I reached the end of the wall dividing the hall and the kitchen, I started to peek around the corner only to be abruptly grabbed and thrown against the wall.

“Gaak!” I said. Hey, you try talking when a six foot goon with the strength of a vampire has his arm cross your windpipe.

Tomas had pinned my knife hand as well as my throat. He grinned at me smugly. I could see Salvador lounging unconcerned across the room. My vision began to blur from the lack of oxygen as I let my knees give out a little, shifting more of my weight onto his arm. Surprised, he loosened his grip enough that I was able to take a rasping breath. I quickly brought my knee up to his groin as hard as I could. It was satisfying to know that whatever he was, he still felt it when he got one in the ‘nads. Tomas let go of my arm and I slid down the wall. Unwilling to hope that a shot to the junk was enough to keep him down, I followed through with a quick punch to his throat. He fell to one knee and I sprang away…

Get your copy here:


Lisa has been a storyteller from practically the day she was born.  Known to have told a tall tale or two as a child, she has always had an active imagination. A voracious reader, Lisa has been preparing for this adventure in writing since she first became hooked on Fantasy novels at the age of ten.  After reading hundreds, if not thousands of books, she finally felt it was time to put her thoughts on paper. The Harry Russo Diaries is one of the first ideas to battle its way out of the deep dark crevices of her mind. 


When I started putting the info together for Lisa's spotlight I was inspired to purchase a copy and read the book. I'm so glad I did. It's a FUN read! Check out my 5 Star review on Amazon & Goodreads! It's got everything I love in a fun book, vamps, shifters, witches, & a kickass heroine. The cool thing is that Book Two, Tooth and Claw, just released a few days ago! More reading fun ahead....


1. Both the great cover and the blurb of Dead and Kicking convinced me to buy your book. Tell me about your experience in getting a good cover and blurb put together.

When I decided to publish my book, I knew I needed to present a professional image.  The cover is so important for that image.  To find a designer I surfed the web, looked at the covers of books similar to mine and then took a closer look at the designers who created them (this information is usually listed on the copyright page of the book), looked at their other work, their websites.  Eventually I stumbled across my cover designer, Scarlett Rugers.  I really liked her work and the professional image her website portrayed.  She had a variety of different levels of services that also appealed to me.  After contacting her and a bit of communication back and forth, I signed up with her to design the covers of all three of the books in the Harry Russo Diaries.  It was a smart decision.  Scarlett has been great.  She made the process really simple. After I signed with her, she sent me out a questionnaire about my books that really made me think about what I wanted to see (or not see) on the cover.  I also liked that she seemed to be truly invested in helping me get the most out of the experience.  I enjoyed being on her mailing list and receiving some insightful and useful information about the various stages of publishing. 

Writing the blurb for the back cover of the book was a lot harder.  You’d think if I could write an entire book then writing a short description of it should have been a piece of cake, but it wasn’t.  How do you take everything that you think makes your book great and condense it down to about 150 words?  It was a struggle. Your book blurb is like a pick up line to the reader. The cover is the little black dress that draws attention but if your pick up line sucks, you’re going to strike out. That’s a lot of pressure to put on a few sentences.  In the end, I think I have created an enticing package for Dead and Kicking and the other two books in the trilogy. I hope readers think so too.

2. I love vampires and shifters and I also write about them. I'm curious what books and authors in this genre influenced you.  What are some of your favorites?

I love them too. Some of my favourites are the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton, the Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neil, Keri Arthur’s Riley Jensen series, the Hollows series by Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampires, Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Underworld….I could go on and on.  I am a total book-a-holic.

3. Tell me about your publishing experience.  Did you try and find and agent or publisher first or did you always intend to self publish?

When I wrote my first novel (the romantic suspense, Home Again), I had no clue how to get published, but I found a publishing house that was accepting unsolicited manuscripts and spent several months putting together the submission (if you think writing a blurb is hard, try writing a five page synopsis).  I really didn’t expect to get anything but a rejection letter back, figuring I would have to ‘pay my dues’.  Of course, that’s exactly what I received a few months later and that was that.  I really had no desire to jump through any more hoops trying to get published.  Fast forward a couple of years and I had written the Harry Russo Diaries. Self-publishing had become much more prevalent and accepted and the more I looked into the idea, the more I liked it.  Why jump through the big traditional publishing companies’ hoops, give up control over your own creation and get paid next to nothing for it?  Self-publishing just made so much more sense.

4. What have you learned as an author that you wish you knew when you first started out?

Writing the book is the easy part! I’m not kidding.  I really wasn’t prepared for how much work and how time consuming it is to market a book.  Now that I am in the deep end and paddling furiously, I wish I had known ahead of time about setting up a social platform and getting that aspect rolling well in advance of actually publishing instead of trying to do it all at once. 

5. Tell me three great things about your book that might convince someone else to buy Dead And Kicking.

1.) Dead and Kicking is meant to be a fun, light read. 2.) Harry is just an ordinary twenty-something despite the fact that she’s a witch with an extraordinary gift.  She’s not your stereotypical ass-kicker that is so common in urban fantasy, but she can certainly go toe-to-toe with all the alpha males that seem to surround her. 3.) She has a great supporting cast including a hot and sexy alpha male werewolf, a couple of handsome mysterious vampires, and there’s enough sexual tension to leave you wanting more (but don’t worry, there’s two more books).

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K.M. McFarland: Author Interview & Spotlight

Please welcome K.M. McFarland, author of Vampyr: The Complete Trilogy.  What a great way to start Vamp Month at Fantasy Fun Reads!

Vampires are alive and well in the Big Easy. In the modern world of forensics, technology, and security cameras everywhere, vampires are now forced to live in secret. In this new age where vampires have evolved into gentle predators mainly depending on alternative methods for acquiring blood, vampire bars have risen in popularity. Owned by a former rock star turned vampire, Quinn Forrester, Vampyr is New Orleans' most popular venue. Aside from being the French Quarter's coolest music club, it is also a secret vampire bar serving the finest quality human blood to its vampire clientele. The cryptic alley next to it seduces the most delectable humans just itching to quench a vampire's thirst. Welcome to Vampyr!

Contains Song of the Vampire, Under a Bourbon Street Moon, and Masquerade in one bundle. All three books were previously published individually in the United States.

Under a Bourbon Street Moon

His eyes drifted down, and he noticed a paper that had fallen on the floor. He picked it up and unfolded it. He saw that it was a letter to Amber. He realized it was personal, but something coaxed him to read it.
The words he absorbed were beyond belief. He finished reading and lifted his head in shock. It was then he realized the real reason Amber came to New Orleans and why she came looking for him.

Buy Link:
The complete trilogy is available on Amazon for only $3.99

K. M. McFarland made her way into this world in Nashville, Tennessee and spent most of her childhood on the Florida beaches before making her way to the Big Easy. Immediately falling in love with the city's unique cultural flavors, she calls it home. Voodoo, vampires, ghosts, and haunted houses are all a part of its ambiance and have been her inspiration as well as her fascination with New Orleans' colorful history. She has a passion for photography and loves capturing the unusual. Aside from roaming the French Quarter researching her next book, she enjoys reading, music, art and spending time with family and friends. As long as there's a cup of coffee and a glass of dry red wine in her day, life is good. Her secret ambition: to play the wicked witch of the west in "The Wizard of Oz" someday.

1. Vampires and The Big Easy, I'm already hooked! I see that you like to research your setting in person. Tell me about that and how you have used your research in your books.

I live in New Orleans, and my books are set in the French Quarter and Uptown Garden District. I’ve spent a lot of time in both places, and I have a feel for them. There’s a 24/7 bar on St. Charles Avenue that I love to spend time in sitting at the table in the front looking out on the Avenue at the old oak trees forming an arch over the avenue framing the street cars passing by. This bar has appeared in Under a Bourbon Street Moon and Masquerade as a hangout for the mortals and an occasional vampire or two. I love walking in the French Quarter taking in all the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street. The street musicians, bars, alleys, music, characters on the streets, and the old historic buildings have all contributed to the feel of the books. A lot of research on history and legends can be done on Google, but Google can’t capture the mood or the ambiance, and that’s what brings the characters and the stories to life.

2. I write vampire books as well and I'm curious what books and authors have influenced you in your writing. What are some of your favorites?

I absolutely adore Anne Rice. I’m a huge fan of her work. I fell in love with Lestat in 1986 when The Vampire Lestat first published. Lestat is responsible for my obsession with modern day vampires. I still have my first edition hardcover copy as well as many of the vampire chronicles in first edition hardcover. Not because I was collecting them at the time, but because I couldn’t wait for the next one and would buy them as soon as they were published. I also love Charlaine Harris’Sookie Stackhouse Novels that turned into the True Blood Series on HBO. I’ve recently read The Casquette Girls by Alys Arden, and I’ve become a fan.

3. Tell me about your publishing experience. Did you try to find an agent or publisher first or did you always plan on self-publishing?

I actually never planned on anything. I have always had it in me to write a novel, and I finally found the time to do it. After I finished writing, I thought about publishing and began to explore different avenues. It appeared traditional publishing was going to be a long and tedious process. Then I discovered self-publishing, and I liked the concept of it. I liked the idea of being in complete control of my work. Many aspects of it appealed to me, so I decided to go that route.

4. What have you learned from your experience as an author that you wish you knew when you first started?

This past year, I decided to take a break from writing and study the publishing and marketing end of it. I also did some much-needed editing and formatting on my existing three books. Later in the year, I published the three novels as a trilogy. The downside of being a self-published author is not having the backing and support of a major publisher. You have to learn about the business end of it because all marketing and promoting falls on the author. It’s been all about experimenting and finding out what works and what doesn’t work. It would have been nice to know all of those things when I first started, but I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning.

5. For those reading about your book for the first time, what would you like to say to them that might convince them to buy it?

While the story revolves around vampires, it is also laced with ghosts and Voodoo. If you are seduced by the mystery and intrigue of New Orleans, vampires, ghosts, and Voodoo, you will enjoy this series.

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Vamp Month at Fantasy Fun Reads

At Fantasy Fun Reads we love our vampires ♥

All during January we will feature an author that writes books with vampires. Book spotlights and author interviews every Monday showcasing Karen McFarland, Lisa Emme, Kelly Oliver Ilebode, and Tima Maria Lacoba.

I love vampires and my sister sent me this surprise gift of a vampire wine and book last year.

Jade (part vamp) and Jane (master vamp) are my favorites of course but I am really excited to see what these authors have to offer.  Be sure to stop back in every Monday during Vamp Month!

Get Jade & Jane here...