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Witch Month Wrap Up: My Favorite Witch Books

I grew up reading Andre Norton's Witch World books and enjoyed every one I ever read. Then I read
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin and I was hooked. This is still my favorite, even after reading Harry Potter .

I'm currently hooked on the Dresden series by Jim Butcher, they are so good and just keep getting better.

It's so hard to narrow this list but some of best for me include Dime Store Magic, The Witching Hour, and Dead Witch Walking. These are all great books and part of some outstanding series reads.

The other series that had a big influence on me was The Authurian Saga by Mary Stewart, starting with the Crystal Cave. These books brought Merlin and King Authur to life for me.

If you haven't read these I would highly recommend them. As usual, I'm interested in hearing some of your favorites. Be sure and leave a comment!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Karina Kantas: New Release, Illusional Reality

I'm proud to be able to host a blog tour stop for Karina Kantas and her new release, Illusional Reality.


Nobody expects to stare death in the face only to find out your entire life is a lie.
Rescued by Salco, marketing executive Becky finds herself in an unknown magical world filled with happy people that try to forget their land is on the brink of destruction.
Becky will soon learn none of this was an accident, and the council of Tsinia are certain her union with Darthorn's son, Kovon, will create peace. And although her future has been planned out, she gives her heart to another.


Preparations were under way for Thya's arrival. They had been expecting her since the writing of the first Oracle long ago. Omad, the head of the council, made sure everyone knew of her coming, for it was his task to prepare his people for the arrival of their princess. He'd left strict instructions that no one witness the arrival, or approach until he had conversed with her himself. It was his duty to inform Thya who she was, and of her destiny.
He felt anxious and nervous, yet not for himself. Tsinia was his home; but to an outsider, a human, it might seem like a mystical, dreamlike place. How was he to make her understand? Would she listen, and most importantly would she believe him? Too much was at stake. He could not fail. The fate of Tsinia lay in his hands.
Omad stretched and rubbed the back of his neck as he pondered over his revised speech. Would it be too much for her to take in? He nodded his head, feeling happy with his decision to inform her of her true identity. Telling her about the prophecy could wait. He didn't relish that task.
 Omad looked around the gold leaf covered throne room. Soon she would take her rightful place among her people and they would once again have a ruler, removing the burden from the Tsinian council. He clenched his trembling, clammy hands. He had been preparing for this moment since being appointed head, long ago.
His election had been a cause for celebration, the start of planned preparations to bring their queen home.
The council comprised of twelve elected Tsinians, those held in the highest regard. The head of the council was seated centrally in a semicircle of chairs, his seat raised so there could be no doubt of who was in charge. Council business was held in the Escos on the border of their land. Meetings were not open, and only by appointment could citizens address the council.
Omad sighed, remembering the feast held in his honour, the one time he had felt truly scared. The nomination was in recognition, yet to be chosen for a task with repercussions that could destroy Tsinia's peaceful existence was something he wished hadn't been entrusted to him.
There was much excitement and discussion about how Thya would become the saviour of them all, how her return would cause the warlord's demise.
The Tsinians lived by the words of the Oracle, and although there was no indication of how Thya would save Tsinia from Darthorn's domination, the people felt as though their troubles were over. They were so confident that for the first time in the history of their great land an Oracle was ignored.
Omad shivered as he recalled Athron confronting the council with the latest reading. Were they wrong to ignore the warning?
The Oracles were written upon ancient scrolls. It was a riddle that only a Zenith could read, for it was they who wrote them. The generations of Zeniths were male; born with the gift of Sight.
Omad remembered being awoken from his sleep by a very anxious Athron. He demanded the council assemble at once, and as a valued Tsinian, Omad took the urgency seriously.
“I would not have removed you from your slumber if I did not consider this to be of consequence,” Athron announced when the council had convened.
“Continue,” Omad said.
“The Oracle proclaims a warning.”
Omad, suddenly wide-awake, frowned. “Good Athron, decipher.”
Athron nodded and unrolled the scroll. “Not all will come to pass and though the saviour will return, she will not be delivered.”
The council whispered among themselves.
“Rephrase,” Omad said.
“Our lady will return. Regardless, she will not be whom you expect. The matrimony will not be entered upon. There is no alliance. For tis written so it will be.”
“Nonsense,” Tasarc retorted. “Tis ludicrous. The alliance is not established. All that is required is our lady's sign.”
“And what if she does not sign?” Athron said.
Omad rose from his seat. There was silence. “I sympathise with your anxiety, Athron. We all are concerned with our future. However, as our good friend Tasarc remarked, the alliance will precede. As for our lady not receiving us, tis her duty as princess of Tsinia to aid her kinsmen. I am confident that once she returns, all will be well. Do not distress.” Omad then reseated.
Athron continued, “I pray you are accurate. The fact is the Oracles have never been unjust. Do not shut your eyes to the truth.”
Athron had spoken out of turn and Omad had to show strength in front of his peers. He stood abruptly from his seat. “Tis proper you have brought this to our attention. You will retire,” he ordered.
Only Athron did not turn to leave. “You sight only what you want. Free your eyes!”
“Silence,” Omad growled.
The council gasped with dismay, for they had never before heard Omad raise his voice.
“Dare you judge me? I will not justify myself to you.” He then lowered his voice. “Athron, I hold you in the highest esteem. Be assured we will review the Oracle and rule on the correct outcome. Depart—now.”
Athron left, yet he was not satisfied. He spoke his thoughts aloud, “By the name of Zenith, I am compelled for them to listen. It will be taken earnestly.”
Deciding on his next action, he called upon Nimas, the wise one. If anyone had a hold over the council, it was Nimas.
Nimas listened intently as Athron read him the Oracle.
“And Omad expressed?” Nimas quizzed.
“Omad declared the council would review the issue, only I judge they do not take the Oracle earnestly.”
“Are you confident of this, Athron?”
“I am, Nimas. I am hoping you could converse with Omad, press him on the urgency. It will be a grave error if the Oracle is ignored.”
“Athron, I have taken heed. Nonetheless, I concur with Omad. The contract between our two nations is almost complete. I am certain you misread the interpretation.”
“Will not one heed me?” Athron shouted in dismay. “There will not be an alliance. Tis not the means. Since when has an Oracle been false?”
 Nimas sighed. “Omad is the appointed one. He alone has planned for adjustments. If, as you state, it does not come to pass, I am certain Omad can resolve the issue. Athron, I am weary. I will rest, go you to the door.”
Nimas left the agitated Athron alone.
It was the first time the Oracles had been ignored and Athron felt as though he had shamed the name of Zenith. Perhaps he had not explained the meaning correctly.
Athron tried to reason with Omad repeatedly, only to no avail. The council had made up their mind to disregard the Oracle. They concurred that Athron, for the first time, had made an error in his interpretation.
Now, as Omad waited for his princess' arrival, he regretted treating Athron disrespectfully. Should he have taken heed? Only it did not make sense. If the Tsinians' alliance with the Senxs did not result in peace, what was Thya's calling?

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Sequels: The Good, The Bad, & The Great!

I have written some Book Two's and I am writing a couple of Book Three's. Here are some things I have learned by doing so.

A Book Two doesn't sell as many copies as Book One. Think about it. Not everybody is going to like the first book well enough to buy the second one. Sometimes they may even buy the first book and it will sit in their Kindle library waiting to be read until eventually it is forgotten. I have a few of these in my Kindle now that for some reason I just have not gotten to. Sometimes they start reading the first one and get side-tracked and never even finish the first book. You may have a few people buy the second book without reading the first one but that just doesn't happen that often. So if the first book in the series hasn't sold many copies then the odds are the second one won't sell many either.

However, sometimes a second book may spur sales of the first one, leading to more sales of book one and eventually sales of the second book. I saw this happen with Jane (sequel to Jade). When Jane published, all of a sudden I sold as many copies of Jade in that first month of Jane's release as I had in the six months previous. That's a nice bonus. Still, if I look at total sales of Jade & Jane, Jade (Book One) has sold almost double the units compared to Jane (Book Two). I have a little better Book Two numbers in my second series (Norma Jean's School of Witchery), where I have sold almost 70% as many copies of Book Two as Book One. I also had an increase in Book One (Jewel) sales when Book Two (Ghost School) published.

Of course, publishing anything new should (hopefully) help the sales of your previous books. I even see a good bit of crossover from one series to another with a lot of people reading one series and then going on to read the other one.

It's easier to write a sequel than to come up with a completely new set of characters and story line. The world you have created along with your main character as well as some of your minor characters have already been introduced, it is just a matter of writing a new adventure. What I have found is that it is a good idea to go back and read the first book and make some notes so you don't embarrass yourself by getting characters mixed up or even bringing back a character you killed off already (too funny). Making a character list with the names and a brief description is a good thing to do before starting that next book. In Jade, I had named a character after one of my friends, killed him off, brought him back in the same book under his pen name, and killed him off again. Then in Jane, I brought him back as an anagram, and even let him live. If you kill off a lot of characters, it's probably a good idea to make a list. When my editing team reviewed Ghost School, they found one character that started as female and later somehow had become a male. My memory is not perfect and I learn as I continue to write. Making a document with some brief character notes as you write your book is something I will do on-going.

The cover art is easier with a Book Two. Your cover artist can match the style of the first book and they look really good together. This helps with promotion and marketing of your series. You have a built in fan base of those that have read the first book so you are guaranteed at least some initial sales of your sequel and those sales will come quickly upon your release and in bunches. That's the great part.

I would love to hear about your experience with sequels and what you may have learned during that process. Be sure and leave a comment!

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Julie Nicholls: Author Interview & Spotlight

Witch Month continues at Fantasy Fun Reads, this week featuring Julie Nicholls, author of Angel Within: Angels & Devils (Fallen Angels Series Book 2).


Kai of Darkmide, a once feared warlord and Eloise of Brightstone, a timid princess, face danger once more from the fallen angels who seek revenge on man, although this time there is an added complication when the fallen are aided.

Jana, a powerful witch, and Tigan, a deceitful mercenary from Sabe and Kiera’s past, join forces to summon Samyaza, one of the most powerful of all fallen angels. The witch strikes a bargain with the fallen angel to possess Tigan, making him indestructible in battle. Tigan has always been envious of Kai’s fame and seeking out the witch, he awaits to become possessed. Wanting to become how Kai once was, he accepts the pain inflicted on his body by Jana, knowing it will all be worth it once he has the demon within.

In exchange for granting the gift of possession, Samyaza seeks a sacrifice, someone gifted with seraph abilities in order that he can free himself of the bonds that hold him captive in hell. The witch also intends a reward for herself, and schemes to seduce Kai, with the intention to produce a baby of seraph heritage. Using dark magic, Jana shows all in her coven why she is famed as all powerful.

A young witch, na├»ve but powerful, aids our trusted warriors, and in doing so is given refuge at Blackhill. Reluctantly becoming entangled in more secrets, she listens to the advice of Nazar, a new warrior who recently joined with Sabe and his sister, Kiera. Trying to do what’s right, she keeps the secrets but worries she will be outcast once Kai and Eloise learn of the deceit.

It’s a race to save the sacrificial offering and to stop Tigan from becoming possessed. Kai and Sabe join Brightstone and Blackhill’s forces to rid the world of the powerful witch, and Tigan. Once again the seraph comes to the warrior’s aid, yet at what cost? The final battle culminates with the transformation of Eloise from a timid queen to a feared warrior as her husband fights for his life, and freedom from bondage once more.

The story continues and is not just a romantic tale of a princess and a slave. This epic story has another chapter to reveal and only in the final book will it become clear who controls man’s fate on earth.

Get ready for the battle between good and evil, angels and fallen angels, and learn what the heavens have in store for Kai and Eloise.

The Demon Within & Angel Within are the first two books in the Fallen Angels series, and available in audiobook. Ascension Within is the final chapter, available now. Also get all three books in one eBook.

Get Angel Within:

Sneak Peek:

Jana – A powerful, utterly beautiful, and evil witch

It was quite by accident how a witch turned out to be the main focus of the 2nd book. A friend of mine, called Canan ( pronounced Jana), asked if there was any room in the book for a character with her name. I thought about it and before I knew it, Jana became the focus of the story. She’s beautiful, powerful, and wicked. Unlike most ‘bad’ characters, she does make it through to the final book, Ascension Within and we learn who is behind her involvement with the lives of Kai and Eloise.

I have to be careful not to give any spoilers, but I wanted to let you read a little more about our beauty.


Twelve hooded figures formed a circle around a ring of stones in the dimly lit cave. Jana slowly walked around her disciples and smiled. Each of them possessed magic, although none to rival her own skill, but together they enhanced her own powers, aiding her in the spell she was now performing. She’d already started weaving her web of deceit. The smaller spell required no aid; she was more than capable of causing a person to fall asleep.

“Do not break the circle, no matter what you see.” Jana’s words carried, “When the fire begins, you must continue the chant. Do not stop, until the flame turns blue, and then disappears.”

Her hands clasped together as she brought them to her mouth, she could already feel the energy gathering.

Removing her cape and letting it fall to the floor, she stood naked in the cold dampness of the cave; the chill against her skin did not deter her. Slipping between two of the witches, she took her place in the center of the stones.

As she breathed deeply, Jana tossed long, dark hair over her shoulders, and raising her head, let her eyes fall shut. Concentrating her mind, she breathed slowly with a steady rhythm, in time with the witches as they chanted.

“Hear our words, hear our plight, bring the darkness, into light.

Conceal her image, mimic her voice, and see her body, in plain sight.”

The witches chanted the rhyme repeatedly. Holding hands as they swayed, their soft voices echoed their will. Jana crossed her arms over her chest and leaned her head back.

“Louder… Louder!” She ordered.

Obeying her words, the voices increased in volume. Something stirred around the cave, a strange energy that crackled, making the younger witches tense. However, afraid to break the circle, for fear of retribution from Jana, they held fast.

Suddenly, Jana’s body burst into flames. One of the witches gasped, but the witch holding her hand squeezed it tighter.

“Keep chanting.” The witch whispered.

Jana didn’t cry out or scream, she smiled wide and stretched out her arms, embracing the heated flames as they charred and burned her skin. The smoke spiraled into the air, and visibility in the cave became clouded. Among the smoke, the witches could barely see each other, only the burning body of Jana was visible to their wide eyes.

When Jana’s body turned black, she reached her arms to the ceiling.

“I am your body… I am your voice!”

A bright, blue flame appeared where Jana’s charred body stood previously, in the fire and smoke. Instantly cooling the air around, it reached high and began spreading along the roof of the cave. The witches marveled at Jana’s knowledge of all things dark. They’d never witnessed anyone use this spell previously, and watched in awe.

The blue flame brightened before turning white. Remembering Jana’s words, they continued chanting. In a final burst, the flame burned brilliant white, causing everyone to squint and close their eyes tightly before it vanished. There was nothing. No fire, flame, or Jana.

Each of the witches turned to one another, and deciding it was safe to release their hands, moved away from the stones.

“Where did she go?” Sian, one of the youngest in the coven, stared at the circle where Jana stood only moments previously.

“She has been transformed, she will return soon.” The craggy hands of Roxala, the oldest witch, grabbed Sian’s arm. “Come, we are done here.”

Both Demon Within & Angel Within are available in audiobook, and I have a sample of the prologue for you to listen to on my site. SAMPLE They’re also available in paperback, and the final book Ascension Within is available in eBook only at this time.


Julie Nicholls was born in Hull, East Yorkshire, England. Her love of writing didn't fully develop until she moved to Bulgaria after retiring from work at the age of 42. Living in a small village in the South of Bulgaria with her husband and two dogs, Julie enjoys country-life and the freedom retirement brings.

She's also the owner of "Literally Sensual" on Word Press, along with other writing friends, but is more known for writing Fan fiction and receives regular reviews.
The release of her first novel, Demon Within, encouraged her to continue writing a sequel. And now Demon Within is the first in a Paranormal Romance series called "Fallen Angels.” The second book in the collection, "Angel Within,” was released in March 2015 with the final book in the series, Ascension within, released October, 2015. All three books are available in one Box Set: Fallen Angels Series Complete.

Demon Within and Angel Within are available in Audiobook.

Demon Within won AUTHORSdb 2015 Cover Contest for FANTASY.
Her latest series is under the genre Urban Fantasy & New Adult. Blood Ties is the first book in the Blood Trilogy, and is available in eBook, paperback and coming very soon to audiobook.


1. Thank you for joining us for Witch Month at Fantasy Fun Reads! It looks like Angel Within features both a good witch as well as an evil one. Tell us a little about those two characters.

Thanks for having me! My two witches are Jana, a very beautiful but wicked witch, and Sian, a timid young woman who due to unfortunate circumstances, ends up in Jana’s coven. Jana has a mission, in fact she has a few. I have to be careful not to give too many spoilers but her first objective is to raise Samyaza, the most powerful of the fallen angles. She is getting a little inside help, but…this will be revealed in book three, Ascension Within. This witch has her eyes set firmly on Kai, our hero, and she will stop at nothing to get him where she wants him. (If I tell you where she wants him, it will blow her cover, lol.)

Sian is young and very sweet, but despite her youth, she is extremely powerful but her adopted mother has carefully hidden that from Jana. Sian teams up with our ‘Scooby gang’ and in return receives sanctuary. I call them the ‘Scooby gang because they are together in each of the three books, and work as a team.

2. You also do book covers and I have seen quite a few happy authors out there with a lot of praise for your covers. How did you get started in that business?

Truthfully I needed a cover for my first book, Demon Within, and couldn’t afford to pay anyone. I am a digital artist, and although I knew nothing about making covers, I decided to give it a go. My own covers for the whole Fallen Angels series are actually paintings, but I make manipulation covers too. I love working in Photoshop and would be lost without it. Because I received so much praise for my covers, I offered my services free to a couple of friends and they were kind enough to spread the word that I was available at a very good price.

3. Did you always intend to self-publish or did you try and find an agent or publisher first?

This was the only option I felt I had. I never considered myself a ‘great’ writer, but because of the success I had with fanfiction and my short erotica stories, I wanted to do something else. Demon Within was my third attempt at writing a novel, and once I discovered that self publishing was the way to get my work out there, it was a no brainer. I know that it’s hard to get a book published, I mean if J K Rowling was turned down, plus many others, what chance would I have, right? lol

4. What have you learned since you published your first book that you wish you knew when you
knew when you started?

I have learned so much it’s untrue. The most important factor is getting the document clean and without errors, something which I’m ashamed to say I didn’t do. I foolishly published before having the document thoroughly checked, and so the first people to read Demon Within could have written me off, and never graced my doors again because of spelling and grammar issues.

5. What books and authors influenced you in you writing? What are some of your favorites?

Confession time. I am not a big reader. You’re probably thinking that’s strange, but I have an issue with reading books that do not grab my attention from the first page to the last. There are a few books that I have read more than a few times, Karen Marie Moning is one of the authors. Her highlander series is wonderful. Also Sylvia Day and a couple of others.

6. What are three things about your books that might convince a reader to give one a try?

The topic of Angels, magic and romance is always a good start, I think. Also I’ve not written a ‘romance’ without a story. I worked hard on the plot-twists and secrets, and there are a lot of characters that all have a link, which I hope will bring in peeps who love books like Game of Thrones and other famous fantasy stories. Last but not least, my bookboyfriend, Kai is utterly adorable, lovable and I shouldn’t say this, but he makes me cry because of his past and what he didn’t receive. (you’ll understand what that is if you read Demon Within).

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N.R.Wick: Author Interview & Spotlight

Witch Month continues at Fantasy Fun Reads with N.R.Wick, author of
Land of No Angels (Dark Ascension Series Book 1)


A world obliterated by the demon apocalypse left the human race devastated.

Sixteen-year-old Rebecca Ashford and her younger sister, Errol, have spent the last year hidden in their family's tornado bunker. When the sound of a screaming baby wakes them in the middle of the night, they attempt to save the infant, and Errol is poisoned by a demon.

With only a week until the poison consumes her sister, Rebecca must trust a mysterious survivor named Fox to help her find a cure. Together, they confront demons and unexpected monsters while Rebecca struggles to learn magic that will help them locate the ingredients needed to save her sister.

Free Today On Amazon (Go get it while it lasts!)


In 2010, N.R. Wick decided to trade her demanding graphic design job in California for a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. Always a lover of the written word, N.R. Wick pursued her childhood love of writing and self-published her first short story in 2011. From there, she moved to the Kansas City area to begin her second love: teaching. She became the director of general education at a local college and teaches online while continuing to grow her publishing business. N.R. Wick is also a member of the Short Fiction Writer’s Guild and the International Screenwriters’ Association.

Most known for her young adult dystopian novel, Land of No Angels, N.R. Wick is not afraid to write about the dark and disturbing side of life while using supernatural and paranormal elements as vessels for these topics. Even though she primarily writes for teens and young adults, N.R. Wick also dabbles in helpful non-fiction, such as using Scrivener to compile beautiful eBooks with ease.


1. What books and authors influenced you growing up that led you to write in the Young Adult paranormal genre?

Steven King and Goosebumps were my biggest influences growing up. Strangely, it wasn't until I was an adult that I started reading YA. My biggest YA influences were Kelley Armstrong's The Darkest Powers series, the Harry Potter series, and Suzanne Collins.

2. Tell us about your publishing experience. did you try to find an agent or publisher first or decide to self-publish?

I never bothered with agents or publishers because I wanted my stories in the hands of people who mattered: the reader. What started my publishing journey, I was earning my Master's degree a year after an awful graduation from an art program in which I was heavily scrutinized by jerks who didn't matter. While studying creative writing for my Master's I came across J.A. Konrath's self publishing blog, and that's what helped me decide that I was going to do it on my own.

3. Land of No Angels is listed as the first book in the Dark Ascension series. Tell us what you have found both good and bad about writing a series.

Series are fun to write because they allow for developing characters you and your readers have grown to love. We can explore more through series. On the other hand, it can be difficult to find enough story to write about. I've learned that having a series just for the sake of having one is not the best approach.

4. What have you learned since publishing your first book that you wished you knew when you first started out?

The one think I have learned that I wish I knew when I first started was to be as prolific as possible. In the self-publishing world, slow doesn't cut it. The next thing I wish I had done from the start is to follow through and stay focused.

5. What are you currently working on? What book or books are you planning in the future.

Right now, I'm working on what I've been calling a "Pre-Sequel" to the Dark Ascension series. Pre-Sequel, in this case, means that it is a story previous to the sequel series, which is called Radiant Ascension. This book is called Land of No Witches, and I'm actually really excited because I can't wait to show everyone what happened after the final battle. I'm also working on a sequel to my last Paranormal Romance novel called Fated Soul, and a new stand alone title about a group of teens who all dream about the same horrific event at school.

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M.L. Stoughton: Author Interview & Spotlight

Witch Month continues with a spotlight on M.L. Stoughton, author of Pleasantwick, a Young Adult Paranormal Romance.


When her father begins restoring an ancient run-down house, deep in the California woods, Melinda Richards is instantly captivated. Steeped in mystery, the grand old structure, dubbed Sotheby House, boasts a history, and power, that Melinda would never guess. She’s lured back time and again, especially after meeting a handsome stranger in the nearby woods.

Luke Sotheby is in trouble — in more ways than one. Not only is his magical world, Pleasantwick, under attack by dark witches, but his ancestral home, the very portal to that world, has been bought by a commoner. And worse … he’s falling for the commoner’s daughter.

As the magical battle spills over into the common world, the young couple begins to face dangers the likes of which neither has ever known. Lives will be lost, secrets revealed, and if Pleasantwick falls, Melinda and Luke could be separated — forever.


Melinda turned off the main road and crunched slowly up the driveway to Sotheby House, cringing with each thrown stone and ting on the jeep's metal. I swear to God, this better not ruin my shiny new car!
Her father came out as soon as they drove up. He looked a little too eager and that made Melinda worry.
Who’s this?”
Hi Dad,” she sighed, rolling her eyes as they got out of the car. She handed him the envelope from the key place. “This is my friend, Jason Brewer.”
Hi Jason,” her father said, extending his hand. “Hey, you’re Bill Brewer’s boy.”
I hired your father for a project a couple of years ago. I remember seeing you there a few times. I liked working with him. He’s a good plumber.” Jason smiled and nodded. “You picked a good one, Mel.”
Dad,” she hissed through clenched teeth. Then she grabbed Jason by the arm and swung him around. “Okay, we're done here.”
Her father chuckled. “Nice to meet you, Jason.”
You too, Mr. Richards,” he answered as she dragged him toward the path.
I’ll have to show you the house later,” she said. And then, her voice loud and sharp, she added, “when it’s not so crowded.”
Melinda’s father smiled. “Don’t get lost out there. Do you want me to come with you?”
Shut up, Dad.”


I got my copy and you can get yours here....

Check out the awesome Book Trailer!!!!


M.L. STOUGHTON has been an ice-cream scooper, a wedding DJ, a balloon-toting clown, a travel agent and a dental assistant. Now she adds author to that list. M.L. is married, with two beautiful daughters and a menagerie of pets. She lives in upstate New York, and loves all things paranormal – especially when there’s kissing. Pleasantwick is her first book. Her second novel, a yet-to-be named sequel, is due out in 2016.


1. A young adult paranormal book featuring a witch, got to love that. Just like my series! I'm convinced (buying it now). Please tell me what books/authors influenced you growing up?

I liked VC Andrews and Judy Blume. But you’ll be surprised to know that I actually didn’t read much when I was growing up. I was a very slow reader and a lot of times lost interest. When it came to history or text books, I had a real problem with comprehension. So I got it in my head that I didn’t like to read. I didn’t realize until I was probably in my thirties that I’m slightly dyslexic. (I’ve never really admitted that before.) But now I love to read!

2. Great reviews and it looks like there will be a sequel? What are you currently working on?

I’ve been very pleased with the reviews. I’m working on the sequel to Pleasantwick. I hope to have it out by summer. I also have a book in the works that is kind of a ghostly mystery, but that’s been put on hold for a bit.

3. Did you always intend to self-publish or did you try and find an agent or publisher first?

I started querying agents (and a few small presses) in July 2010. Unfortunately, I was an excited newbie and started querying too soon. My manuscript still needed a lot of work. So I continued to learn, edit and revise my manuscript, and send out queries. I had some interest here and there over the next four years, with a few full requests. I even had an editor at a small press interested at one point, but it seemed paranormal romance was “a hard sell at the moment.” In those days there was a stigma associated with self-publishing, so I was adamantly against it. But then the publishing industry started to change. Self-publishing was on the rise. And in August of 2014 I made the decision to go for it. I was confident in my work and devoted to putting out the best product I could. It has been a great experience.

4, What have you learned since you published that you wish you knew when you first started out?

While I knew I’d be in charge of absolutely everything, which included marketing (yuck), I wish I would have understood just how time consuming marketing would be. It’s a constant worry that takes time away from actual writing.

5. Tell us about the community of Pleasantwick. What kind of powers do your witches have?

Pleasantwick is a secret society hidden from the outside world. It was built three hundred years ago, as a place of refuge, by Salem witches who escaped just before the trials. It is a magical place where the people continue to live simpler lives, without technology. The hero, Luke, is an empath who can teleport. There are others with the power of premonition, teleportation, telekinesis, molecukinesis (sure it’s a word). The Elders have elemental magic, and then there are witches who only work with potions and spells.
Pleasantwick was once described as Charmed meets Pleasantville.

6. Tell me three things that might convince a new reader to give your book a try.

1) Pleasantwick is a fun, easy read. I don’t think there’s anything like it out there right now. 2) There’s plenty of action as Melinda (a normal teenager) gets caught in Pleasantwick’s war, which has escaped its borders. 3) There’s also fun and romance as she falls for the swoon worthy Luke Sotheby.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Witch Month at Fantasy Fun Reads

March is Witch Month and I have a lot of Witchery heading your way. I will have interviews and author spotlights featuring witch books from Michael Stoughton, Nikki Wick, and Julie Nicholls. I'll be sharing some of my favorite witch reads as well.

I would be remiss not to include my own witch books in the mix, starting with my School of Witchery series.

A presidential election. A witch with a target on her back and a magical arrow. A shadowy government agency made up of witches with unusual abilities. A game called Witch Pong. The Mighty Thor?

See how it all comes together in a school you will never forget.

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Book Two: Ghost School is also out. Readers say it's my best book yet...

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Jewel is one kickass heroine! If you like a strong female character that knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it, try this series.

If you are a fan of short stories, be sure to check out my cute and witchy short read , The Ninth Life, featuring a cat familiar on her last life searching for that perfect witch.

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I hope you will follow Fantasy Fun Reads all month for a lot of fun witchery!