Fan Pics

Please send me your pics of Jade, Jane, Jill, & Jewel! I will add to these as they come in.
From Hans

From Jen Z

From Mirella             

From Gage

From Yolanda

From Debbie


On a shelf in a German library

From Hans

From Lis

From Jeff

From Steven

From Bridgett

   From Elizabeth    
                                                                     From Hans

                                                               From Patrick

From Kayti

From Joy

From Melissa

From Dirk

From Mirella

From Caryn
From Hans
Also From Hans (the full set)
From Dirk
From Susan
From Ashley

I'm going to translate it as better coffee than snow (especially with a good book)
From Hans

From Clive

Ghost School Brew-LOL-From Hans

Jewel Java!

From Hans

From VS

From Kimberly

From Alex

From Jennifer

From Ashley Marie

From Chrissy

From Ashley Marie

From Hans (2)

From Laura