Monday, November 28, 2016

Fun With Chapter Titles: Jill Edition

As I type this, Jill is in the editing stage and should be published soon.  Chapter titles help me to focus when I write, it keeps me from going off in various directions not consistent with the story line.  I love to have fun with these and some give my readers clues as to what's coming up.  It also gives a reader a sort of bookmark to follow if later in the book they want to refer back to something I wrote earlier. Jade was written from the point of view of Jade, Jane was written from Jane's point of view.  Jill rotates point of view between the three main characters in the Three J'amigos series, Jade, Jane, and Jill.  Here are a few of my favorites from Jill.

Chapter Two: Trolling In The Deep (Jill)
There are trolls in this one and Jill is in a deep down pile of trouble.

Chapter Three: Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Jane)
That commercial drives me crazy and since it fits, I just couldn't resist.

Chapter Five: Sixteen Tons (Jill)
The number one song on the day I was born.  This chapter is about debt.

Chapter Fifteen: I'll be Home for Christmas (Jane)
It's just that time of year.

Chapter Sixteen: No, Not in Kansas (Jade)
My favorite chapter and an introduction of a bit of science fiction to go with all the paranormal fantasy stuff. This one was a lot of fun to write.

Chapter Seventeen: Climb Every Mountain (Jill)
There is a lot of climbing in this book, so much so that I'm tempted to put it in a climbing sub-genre.

Chapter Eighteen: Clan of the Cave Bugs (Jane)
Too funny!  Here there be bugs and they aren't nice ones.

Chapter Nineteen: Queen of the Hill (Jade)
Non-stop action, humor, and fun!

Chapter Twenty-One: Bat out of Hell (Jane)
My favorite chapter (OK, I have several favorites). As with many of my chapter titles, double and some times triple meanings.

Chapter Twenty-Three: A Faerie Godmother (Jill)
This one is a great lead in to my young adult series, Norma Jean's School of Witchery.

I'm looking at a December release.  If you haven't started the series yet, it's a lot of fun.  Here are the links to the first book in the series, Jade.

Friday, November 18, 2016

What is Urban Fantasy?

I get asked this all the time.  The short answer is that it is fantasy in a modern setting.  Imagine a world like the world of Jade with the time being present day.  The main difference in this world and the real world is the edition of paranormal elements and supernatural creatures.

Magic is real in Jade and witches play an important role.  Two of these roles are explored in Jade. First, in law enforcement.  There are witches in law enforcement both with the police as well as the FBI. Jade is part of a supernatural task force withing the police department that deals with paranormal crimes and supernatural creatures like witches, vampires, and shifters.  Her partner is a werebear named Rolfe.  Second, in healthcare.  Witches take part in healing spells and potions.

At some point in the timeline of this fantasy world, history veered off from modern day real world history due to these paranormal elements.  In Jade's world shifters have their own territories within the real world, witches have their own laws that they are subject to in addition to the normal human laws, and they have their own schools where magic is taught.  Vampires are ruled by masters of the cities and the world of Faerie is a real one.

In Jade, it's all great fun and adventure.  Jade herself is the mutt of the supernatural world with elements of witch, shifter, vampire, and fae.  How she got that way is part of the mystery.

Some urban fantasy books have interesting sub-genres like post apocalyptic urban fantasy.  I would describe the world the Kate Daniels to be in this genre.  I love that series and some other urban fantasy series I love are the Mercy Thompson series, as well as Anitia Blake, Jane Yellowrock, and Sookie Stackhouse.

You can also find elements of romance in urban fantasy books.  Jade has what I would describe as a light touch of romance, non-stop action, over-the-top humor, and several mysteries that might surprise you.  If you would like to give Jade a try, follow the links below.