Friday, June 9, 2017

Paranormal Authors Unite!

Paranormal Authors Unite! A pair-of-normal paranormal authors have gotten together to introduce you two new reads you will enjoy. Rose Montague's Jade and Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness by Erik Schubach .

I'm so happy to pair with Erik Schubach on this cross promotion. One thing I have noticed since I first published is how his books show up on my book pages under the customers who bought this also bought section. We share readers in common and this should encourage more of our readers to try each other's books....

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Surprises, plot twists, & shockers keep coming ♥


Meet Jade Smith, a magical mutt with a mission. A detective partnered with a shifter named Rolfe, she’s on the case to solve a slew of murders: Vamps are killing humans, and nobody knows why. When London Jane, the most powerful vamp in town, is implicated in the murders, Jade knows something isn’t right. Together with Jill, the Winter Queen of Faerie, Jade and Jane take their investigation underground. On the run, with nowhere to hide, they uncover a secret that could destroy Faerie, as well as the human realm. Will Jade stop the killer in time? Or will she be the next victim? 

Magic, mayhem, and mystery abound, and the odds are stacked against them; it’s three against three hundred.

Raven Maid: Out of the Darkness:


Adelaide Oliver, raised in the bayou in New Orleans, flees the Big Easy to Seattle when she believes she is seeing things and losing her mind.

What she doesn't realize is that she is a Raven Maid, a secret of the Voodoo, Vodoun faith.

She walks the path between this world and the next, guiding lost souls to their final destination, whether that be the wayward spirit's idea of heaven or hell.

But what happens when a soul doesn't wish to leave the mortal realm?

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