Monday, May 4, 2015

Cortina Jackson: Author Interview and Spotlight

Continuing my feature of spotlighting and Indie Author on a weekly basis, today we have Cortina Jackson.
Cortina Jackson is the author of On Earth As It Is In Hell.

Description:  What once was thought of as a conspiracy is now moving to reality, as new world agenda’s are exposed. In great detail, the layers of the character’s lives are peeled away, revealing graphic circumstances that will change them forever; for there is a worst fate that could be faced. 

However, the story does not end without the deep, dark, underworld being revealed. Does Hell exist? Who is worthy of its torment and destruction? In this tale, you may be surprised! The story will captivate you, encompass you, and almost consume you before releasing you to your own thoughts; which may be scarier than fiction. 

Riveting, intriguing, controversial, terrifying? Hell…Yes!

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Book Trailer:


I see this is your first book. Tell me what you are working on now. 

I am currently working on the next novel; this will be a spin off to the first one. The book currently is, “On Earth As It Is In Hell” the next one will be a collection of short stories about people who experienced the direct impact of Hell on Earth. I am still working on the title, but I am leaning towards “The Walk Through Hell” I may have a contest to have people to help me come up with a great title.

What is your writing process? Do you plot everything out or do you write by the seat of your pants? Do you have a set schedule or goal for writing?
I set my space up with a small light that overlooks my computer keyboard. On a little table next to my computer, is a small table where I set one bottled water, and one cup of coffee. I have a small fountain that I plug in, so that I can hear the trickling of water.  I burn essential oils, and I set the music channel on Spa Jazz. The scene must be set this way, in order for me to write productively, during my writing periods.
 I do not set a schedule. Whenever I have a thought about a scene in my book, I write it by hand immediately, until I can no longer write. Later on, I set up my scene and began typing it in my computer. It is at this time, that other thoughts will enhance the scene, and bring everything to light perfecting what I have written.
Tell me about you publishing experience. Did you try to find an agent/publisher first or did you always have it in mind that you would self-publish.
I tried to find an agent or publisher at first. I bought a copy of the Writer’s Market and solicited everyone by sending out query letters and correspondence. I spent hours every day doing this. I received lots of rejection. It was discouraging at first, but then I picked myself up and thought,” I will not give up, I will do it myself.” So I self-published, did the cover of my book myself, bought my own ISBN numbers; everything, and now I am marketing and promoting myself.
What have you learned during both your writing and publishing of your first book that you wish you had known going in?

I wish that I had joined a writer’s forum, and began networking. I am in many writer’s groups and chat rooms now; and I learn a lot of information about great websites to go to, publishers, writer’s contests etc. It is so helpful getting insight from 50 other people who may struggle with the same issue that I do.
Maybe it is best that I did not know that it would have been this hard; otherwise, I may have made excuses, and gave up before I could even begin. Now I am dedicated and will move forward no matter what.
I see your book is one of those that is almost unique in that it is hard to place it in a set category or genre. For new readers reading about your book here, what would you like to say to them that might convince them to read your book?
You are right; this book is very unique, making it hard to place in a category. It has been attempted in Christian fiction; however, what is important for people to know is that this isn’t a book that will fit in this category solely. The book has been compared to “The Devil’s Advocate,” and “Constantine,” both starring Keanu Reeves. “On Earth As It Is In Hell” is sexually explicit, it is graphic, it is scary at times, and would most definitely fit into fiction thriller.
The book is for skeptics and seekers. It is entertaining and foretelling. For those who enjoy a good action thriller like, “Final Destination,” it is perfect. For those who enjoy a plot twist with lots of action, it is perfect. For believers and nonbelievers of Hell, it will appeal to all; because it is not a book to shove religion down your throats, it is a nonstop action that will leave the reader to decide if they think that it is real or not; but no matter what the readers feel about Hell, they will be entertained by the character’s interpretation of Hell. Hopefully, the reader will embrace it, and make decisions that will be beneficial to their own lives, as they see elements in the book that are relatable.

Bio:  Cortina Jackson is the doting mother of two sons. She received her Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and has over 15 years of law enforcement experience. With Cortina’s experience and knowledge in law enforcement, she has seen firsthand that; oftentimes, life is scarier than fiction. This has given her a basis for the material in her writing that often seems too detailed to be true. Cortina currently resides in McKinney, TX where she is working on her second Master’s degree and her next novel; and she is enthusiastic about sharing her passion for writing with you.

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