Thursday, December 15, 2016

Devil In the Details

A few things about self-publishing on KDP & Createspace that I have learned after my sixth title is that getting the details right require patience, persistence, and follow up.

1. If you write books in a series like I do, getting the above to show up on your book's page at Amazon usually takes about ten days and at least one call or message. If you call too soon, they will tell you to wait. I just published Book 3 in my Three J'amigos series a few days ago. This hasn't shown up yet but I have it on my calendar to follow up and make sure it does.

2. If you publish both an eBook and a paperback, it's going to take about a week before they both show up on the same page where a potential reader can choose which version to buy from one place. Until then, two separate links (one for the eBook & one for the paperback) are required.  This is also true on your Amazon author page, it will be a week or so before these show up together. I usually message or call on this at that time. Once both show up on the same page, reviews on your eBooks will also show up on your print edition and vice versa.

3. Amazon rankings. first you have to sell a few books, then give it 24 hours. No follow up required.

4. Customers who bought this also bought takes a little longer. First you have to sell more that a handful of books, then it will show up. Jill showed up on the 3rd day. No follow up required.

5. Author Central & your Amazon author page.  As soon as your book goes live, go to author central and under the books tab, search for your new book and mark it as "this is my book". That gets it here as well as your author page usually the next day.

6. Goodreads. Now that Amazon & Goodreads are connected, I have not had to add my books on Goodreads the last few releases but if yours does not show up in a few days you can add it in a similar manner.

Once it all comes together, it makes it easier for readers and will help you on sales.

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