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Melabeth The Vampire by E.B. Hood: Series Review

This is not your ordinary vampire series. I read the first book in one sitting and immediately went through the next two. Be prepared and warned. This series is dark but it is also full of wonder and discovery. The author is a true storyteller. Prepare to be hooked.

Book One: Melabeth The Vampire


Melanie Dare is a teenage girl. Drugs and abuse by her parents change all that. She is raped and murdered and finds herself awake in a new decade. Melanie becomes Melabeth the vampire, and she is thrust into events outside of her control. Meeting a small circle of friends - not all who can be trusted - she finds herself obsessed with revenge against her killers… but along the way finds love. Her battle for revenge has terrible, unintended consequences, and she will question, who, and what she is. Can her love survive her need for revenge? This is the first part of a three part series about forgiveness.


It doesn't take long to get into this book. Melabeth is a fascinating character, both tragic and powerful. She hungers for friendship and love yet she also thirsts for revenge. Because of what happened to her she is flawed and even when she tries to do the right thing, unexpected consequences arise. Her nature and origin is hidden and as she comes into her powers she discovers there is mystery around what she is and what she may yet become. It is full of action and fighting. If you are looking for flowers and unicorns, happy endings and perfect relationships, goodness and mercy, you will be disappointed. If you prefer a true anti-hero who despite her powers is just as much a mess as the rest of us, then I urge you to give this one a read.

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Book Two: Melabeth: Forgive Me, For I Am Sin


Melabeth is relentless in her pursuit of revenge. David joins her; no one who has wronged them is safe. Will revenge triumph over their need for love? Melabeth still battles for her true heart's desire, when a new kind of foe arrives. A foe that is stronger and worst of all, what he wants he gets… and he wants her! Even with this new threat, she hunts down the rapists; one by one. In her victory, she terrorizes her most vulnerable victim and sees her plan come together flawlessly. Gradually an uneasy truth takes hold… the relief and peace Melabeth seeks, turns to dust. In the end, she will find the price for her revenge to be higher than she ever could imagine! With twist and turns you'll never see coming, this is the second installment of the Melabeth series.


In this one you will want Melabeth to fight for good, instead she embraces the dark side and dark is the nature of the second book. She is used, abused, and taken advantage of but she seems not to care as long as her need for payback is satisfied. New powers are gained, great characters in her new vampire family are explored, and some of her mysteries are revealed. A big twist you will not see coming will leave you hungry for the next book. 

Book Three: Melabeth: Purification Through Fire


This is third and final installment of the Melabeth series. She begins her new life, hoping to leave the old one behind. Melabeth dreams of a second chance to repair broken ties. Eventually she sees more to life than the mindless pursuit of revenge. Old Friends and new enemies thrust her into a supernatural world, once again captivating our imaginations. Transformation gives her the unexpected ability to forgive and love. Will her new found power give her power over mankind’s greatest enemy?
A cleverly disguised plot, born from the first pages of book one. Clues that have been slyly weaved through this story and are reveled on the final page of this heart pounding book, opening our eyes to what we never saw coming


Through fire she has come and by fire she has been reborn. A third chance at life and the darkness begins to lift. The action comes quickly as the battle between good and evil is drawn. Love and even a good bit of humor can be found in this final installment. I was pleased with the way the series came together and I think you will love this as well. 

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