Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Discovering New Authors

Discovering new and exciting authors is like finding an unexpected treasure ♥
Here are my latest discoveries....

You can see I tend to binge read when I find an author and series I love. There is another one after this that I'm sure I will be purchasing soon. The Aria Fae Series is awesome! I'm so glad I discovered H.D. Gordon. This is a young adult superhero series with a kickass heroine and lots of action. Suitable for older teens, it is also a series that adults will love. Here's the link...


I read these two in two days. The Southern Vampire Detective Series is fantastic. I will grab the third in the series as soon as it releases and will probably try a few other books by Selene Charles. This one is a paranormal romance with vampires and werewolves along with many other supernatural creatures. Here's the link....


I haven't been writing much lately but the big upside to this is reading and discovering wonderful authors like these two.

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