Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Excerpt from Norma Jean's School of Witchery

Releasing in just a few weeks, this is a #YA #paranormal #romance, and first in an exciting new series.

A presidential election. A witch with a target on her back and a magical arrow. A shadowy government agency made up of witches with unusual abilities. A game called Witch Pong. The Mighty Thor?

See how it all comes together in a school you will never forget.


"“Dispel the dark, bring the fire, light this candle, I so desire,” I
said, this time doing as she had instructed, visualizing an air
bubble at the bottom of the lake and letting just a little magic seep
inside before sending it shooting to the surface emerging just as I
finished the spell and pointing the index finger of my hand right
at the tip of the candle.
The entire candle burst into flames this time, shooting several
feet in the air. I took a step back instinctively noticing that it was
not just the candle on fire but the metal table as well, both the top
of the table and the legs were covered in flames. Thick black
smoke from the melting paint was starting to mix with the flames
and I heard a loud thump and a couple of screams."

ETA: It's now live!
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