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William Diaz: Author Interview & Spotlight

Please welcome to my blog, William Diaz, author of Inquisition.


Inquisition is a dark fantasy that begins in Premia, the home of smuggler Dean Jayden, an advanced city that is the jewel of the continent of Falcotta.

There are men and women in Premia's underworld who seek power.  Then there are those more ambitious who search relentlessly for the fabled Blood Moon Scrolls, a powerful spell split into four ancient scrolls, when recited, unleash a force of deadly proportions, and are believed to be hidden somewhere in Falcotta.  And then there's Dean Jayden. Those who stand in the way will be crushed.  Only one can claim such a prize in the midst of blood and chaos.

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I am a self-published author.  I published my debut novel Inquisition, the first book of the Blood Moon Chronicles in Oct/2014.  I worked on the manuscript for three years.  In that same month I published my first short story, a horror titled Holy House with Dapper Press.  Recently I published my second short story, a sci-fi about a female galactic assassin titled Scarlett with Meizius Publishing.  It was featured in Volume one of their sci-fi digest Grey Matter.


1. Tell me about Dark Fantasy. What sets it apart from regular fantasy?

First of all, thank you for having me.
I think with dark fantasy there are more liberties with the darker elements of storytelling. Dark fantasy to me reflects a more dire realism as opposed to regular fantasy.

2. I see that Inquisition is listed as Book 1. How is it coming on Book 2 and what other projects are you working on?

Agents Of Chaos, the 2nd book of the Blood Moon Chronicles is in its fourth draft; I'm hoping to release it for Summer 2016. I've also started on the first draft of the 3rd and final book of the Blood Moon Chronicles, Death March. Outside of the BMC, I'm working on a new fantasy series called the ICONs of Mayhem and it revolves around an underground organization of hardened warriors, spies and assassins. The other is sci-fi novel I'm working on is based on my short story called Scarlett. It's about an intergalactic assassin.

3. Did you try and find an agent publisher for your book or did you always plan on self publishing?

I submitted my manuscripts to a few agents and traditional publishers, for reasons of their, who've refused. That was when I decided to self publish; I wanted to expose my readers to something that they perhaps haven't read before and not wait for someone to make that decision.

4. What have you learned as an author/self-publisher that you wish you knew when you first started out.

Ha! As an author, I wish I would have started on this journey a lot sooner. As I self published author I learned that it takes a lot time and work to promote, edit, write, seek artists for book covers, market your work. But I know the rewards are worth the effort.

5. I see from your bio you have published a couple of short stories through traditional publishers. Tell me about your experience with that.

You know, I had fun writing those short stories. Holy House was the first of my stories to be published through a traditional publisher (Dapper Press). To be honest, I was shocked they picked my story! Scarlett was the second story that was published through Meizius Publishing for their sci-fi magazine Grey Matter. I thought it would be a cool idea for Scarlett to be incorporated as the all-around bad ass chic, who just happens to be an assassin.

6.. Give me three great reasons to buy your book.

It's captivating, it's hard to put down and it's a different type of fantasy that you just have to try out.

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