Friday, October 16, 2015

Which Witchy Witch Book Would I Want You to Win

Why this one, of course.  I plan on giving away up to 287 copies of this cute witchy Halloween short story at the All Hallows' Reads event...

That's pretty cool.  Click on the link below, join the event, then show up for my first author spot at 5 PM (Eastern US time) on Friday October 30th. Participate in the event by commenting, asking a question, entering the various giveaways anytime from then until the event is over.  Once you participate, send me a PM on facebook with your e-mail address and I will send you a free pdf. It's a 20 page cute, witchy story about a kitten familiar by the name of Midnight on her last life, looking for that perfect witch.  She finds the witch, now the only problem is the witch doesn't know she's a witch.  Midnight has her work cut out for her.

All Hallows' Reads Book Party

This is an amazing lineup of awesome authors...

If you love witchy books like me, you will want to be at this party!

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