Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jane by Rose Montague: Excerpt


        I heard a witches’ triad chanting and felt magic crackling around us like static electricity. I could tell Jade had tried to shift but could not do so. The witch magic prevented her from shifting. A couple of vamps threw a net over Jade as she managed to shoot another vamp in the head over her shoulder before her arms were pinned inside the net. Another shot her with a tranquilizer gun as she struggled to get free. A few of them dragged her across the floor towards the front of the building and as soon as we were apart the other vamps I kept away from me with my bat whistling through the air shot me at close range. Silver shot, I could tell as I staggered and fell.
  I was on the floor, barely conscious, when I saw them go out, the warehouse deserted except for piles of ash and the dead or dying, including me. The night was quiet and still as I lay there, not really feeling the pain but knowing I had taken several shots to the upper body. I felt the silver inside of me, points of numbness spreading out from the bullets. Vamps are not as sensitive to the silver as shifters but if not taken out it would eventually kill us as well. I needed blood and I needed a doctor. I really thought about getting up, as the Angel of Death hovered over me. Maybe it was my time, I thought and I wished for a phone to call Jill. Maybe she could save Jade from a life of drug induced blood donor for Andre.
  “No, not your time after all,” Death said. “Save Jade.” With that he was gone.

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