Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Fun with Chapter Titles

I had experimented with chapter titles in Book One: Jewel and had so much fun with it. I found it helped me focus on what I wanted to write in that chapter and gave me motivation to get it written. Here are a few from Book Two: Ghost School....

Chapter One: Who You Gonna Call?

What better way to start? "Movie night at Norma Jean's School of Witchery."

Chapter Four: Under The Radar

“I need a private jet and I need it now,” I told Jane. “We must have a bad connection,” Jane replied. “It sounded like you said you need a private jet.”

Chapter Six: Dances With Wolves

Another movie reference. Jewel goes on a run through the woods with some Werewolves.

Chapter Eight: None So Blind 

"I dreamed of Thor again. I was naked in a big field, and he was up there throwing lightning bolts at me
without much luck. He was wearing a blindfold and appeared to be frustrated. I wanted to play, and he
couldn't hit the broadside of a barn."

Chapter Eleven: How I Learned to Stop Worrying

Yet another movie reference. This chapter is explosive!

Chapter Seventeen: Dead or Not Alive

It's not always nice to be wanted.

Chapter Eighteen: Thou Shalt Not Pass

Yep. Riddles on a bridge.

Chapter Twenty: Off With His Head

Too funny. Jewel has always wanted to say that.

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Medium Is The Message

A book reference this time and with a double meaning.

Chapter Twenty-Six: With Great Power Comes An Egg

My favorite. You're going to have to read the book to find out why.

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  1. Love the covers for this series. Who is the artist?

  2. Thank you! The artist is the amazing Mirella Santana, she has a page on Facebook.