Saturday, August 19, 2017

Revenue Streams

Unfortunately, my Amazon eBook sales are trending downward this year. Despite my promotional efforts, it's getting harder to get those sales. Which is why I am glad to report that my efforts to increase revenue in other areas has had some success.

Back in March I decided to expand my distribution channels through Pronoun making my titles available not only on Amazon, but also on Kobo, B&N, Google Play, & iTunes. These are the results through the first five months of my expanded distribution. I'm not breaking the bank (yet) but these sales add up.

Last month my first book on audio released and already I have a dozen sales. This should add to my monthly revenue stream as well. I'm hopeful the second book on audio will release in September. These are being done on a revenue share basis through ACX so there is no up front production cost involved.

Even though eBook sales are down for me this year, my paperback sales through Createspace are up. I should pass the $100 mark in royalties at the end of this month, much earlier than last year.

These three sources of revenue should help make up some of the shortage in the sell of eBooks. I'm thankful to those of you that have purchased my books through any format!

Although Amazon eBook sales continue to be my biggest source of revenue, it's considerably down from last year's total of almost 6K. Adding to this total from other sources will help. Year to date eBook sales via Amazon..